Cabletrail - Cable Management


Setting up a safe working area and ensuring site safety is at the top of every site manager’s priority list. Cabletrail is an innovative, patent protected product that can be positioned vertically, at an angle or even horizontally to work within all sites, ensuring that cables are securely fixed. Cables can be guided round corners and individually managed for easy identification, as well as being segregated by contractor or cable type to speed up breakdown and setup.

The unique reverse hook arrangement ensures the cables are fixed securely and swiftly between two Cabletrail units, spaced up to five metres apart. Although originally designed for temporary site management, Cabletrail can also be used in semi-permanent and permanent installations, replacing traditional trunking and tray work at a fraction of the cost. Cabletrail offers a robust, economical solution to cable management that is sure to withstand the rigours of the most challenging environments.

Each Standard Cabletrail can hold five standard 110 or 240v cables ranging from 8mm to 11mm in diameter with extra capacity being possible by stacking Cabletrails into banks.  The new Cabletrail HD will hold 3 cables ranging from 8mm to 32mm in diameter.

With cables being able to be easily removed individually, Cabletrail facilitates use by multiple users quickly and easily. With the ability to mount vertically or horizontally on walls ceiling and floors, Cabletrail can adapt to suit any application from management of cables on construction sites, events, and warehouses to outdoor engineering works, offshore and mining.


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